Client Transformations


Michelle Muench

Annette Bauer

I’ve always been into fitness, it’s been a goal of mine to step on stage and to a bikini contest. I asked Ian if it would be even possible in 8 weeks. Ian said with hard work and dedication anything is possible. I didn’t just step on stage I won 1st place in only weeks.

annette bauer client transformation

Westlie Medel

before after westlie medel

My goal was to build bigger “Glutes”. In just 3 months my butt went from flat to plump. Thank you for all the amazing workouts to get my body to where I have always wanted. I couldn’t of done it without you


Paula Ortiz

paula ortiz before after


I started training with Ian Anker back in July of 2016. After receiving a free session as a trial, I was impressed by his style and training methods. Right away, I signed up for my first month and began training with him. During that month, I received a meal plan specifically for me and my personal goals. I then began following the meal plan as best as possible and trained 3 days a week. By the end of the month, I saw dramatic results with weight loss, muscle gain and more energy

I felt such an intense difference after growing accustom to my meal plan and eating ‘clean’, as well as training 3 days a week. During my workouts, Ian pushed and pushes me to do more reps and more weight. He is aware of my back issues and constantly asks if I am comfortable with additional weight and or the exercise. Ian creates new workout routines and circuits that keep my body from becoming used to doing the same workouts or weights.

Paula Ortiz


Kristen Bradford

The day I sat down with Ian I knew I was ready for some type of change in my life. I hated being fat an overweight. And most of all I hated having a muffin top when I wore my jeans or anything for that matter. I was a size 20 pushing size 22. Fighting bad asthma all my life it gave me an excuse to not workout or do any type of cardio. But I hated the way I looked an felt and something had to give. I told myself I would workout 3 days a week with Ian no matter was going on in my life. I made myself a “no excuse” rule. Having this rule an making this promise to myself was really important to me. I feel like your word is the only thing you can guarantee in life. And for that, I had to keep my own word. I took it one day at a time. One day I got on the elliptical an I started out with 10 min. Ian said… “Come on!!! You can do at least 20 min. I promise you won’t die!” And he was right. Slowly I moved my way up. I found myself doing 45 min of straight cardio one day something I never thought I would be able to accomplish. I found myself addicted to working out. I went from 3 days a week, to 6 days a week. Every time I left the gym I felt awesome an that’s what I became addicted too. After 3 months of high protein moderate carbs and fat lifestyle change and working out I was able to put on a pair of jeans that were 2 sizes smaller. That right there gave me the biggest confidence booster to keep going on this journey.
Over the year I entered into 5 weight loss competitions that Ian would put together with our group at Anker fitness an I won all 5 of those competitions with dedication self-control on my eating. And being very competitive helped too. Haha
I went from using my Nebulizer (breathing treatments) every day at least 2x a day to using it maybe once a week now. The more weight I drop the better my asthma got. I was able to weight train better, breath better, which then overall made me look an feel better. Is it an everyday battle for me??? Yes! Absolutely it is. But it’s a good battle. Just like everyone else I fall off sometimes An eat pizza have a few mimosas etc… but as long as I don’t stay off for long an get back on I will always stay ahead. This is not a diet or just another workout routine. Ian is just not my trainer either he’s a great friend an this is a definite lifestyle change. I am proud I’m down to a size 12 and have lost 57 lbs so far.