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Are you tired of the big corporate gyms, overcrowding, sweaty machines, and not knowing what to do once you get to the gym? Well, look no further…

At Anker Fitness every session is by appointment ONLY. NO membership is needed. One-on-one training and group classes are offered daily and online training is also offered for those individuals who are highly motivated and don’t need much accountability.


What My Clients Say

  • As a testimony to your work, I went and weighed in at Nutrishop today… And although my diet has been completely horrid for the past three months, I still somehow managed to keep my body fat percentage down to 19% (from 27.5 at its highest) and my muscle mass has gone up yet again (from 64.4 to now 71.2). I know I’ll continue to lose fat once I clean up my diet again & get even lower than the 18% I was at with your help & instruction.

    Than you Ian for all that you do! 💪

    Ivy Skaff
  • Honestly, thank you so much 😥🙏🏼🙌🏼 I don’t think my waist has ever been this small, my abs have never looked this good, and my booty so good as well!

    Sarah Toderean

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